Address Light Repair

Are the lights out but somebody's home?
Help is on the way!

As a fellow West Hills homeowner, my lighted address light on the front of my home quit working. I tried to reach the manufacturer, but they have gone out of business! I own a battery manufacturing company so the resources to solve this problem were very familiar to me (

I contacted approx. 20 light bulb supply sources throughout the nation, and finally located a source that had a long life bulb that fit the specifications needed. Detailed soldering is required and 100 piece min. order was required. In an effort to save many Estate Collection homeowners the same difficulties, I am offering the service of replacing your needed lights and cleaning the plastic faceplate for $35.00 each (parts and labor included).

I value the consistent look of our neighborhood and the added protection and convenience a visible street address gives. In an emergency, seconds can make all the difference for police or fireman in locating your home. This offer is open for the month of March 2009. Please contact me at your earliest convenience! Please make checks payable to Christopher Steadman.

Your neighbor,

Christopher Steadman - 763l Southby Drive, West Hills, CA 91304
Email: shop: 818-224-4321

5 step repair process

Address light with no ilumination

(Burned out bulbs)

Faceplate is removed and soaked to
lossen dirt

Cobwebs are removed and
faceplate is cleaned

New Bulbs are installed and faceplate is reinstalled

(We pre manufacture the replacement bulb kit to minimize repait time at your home)

Address light with new long lasting bulbs with a 10+ year lifespan